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Say it Again, Sam
Say it Again, Sam

Grab The Brass Ring
Grab The Brass Ring

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“This novel dazzles.” –
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Say it Again, Sam - Available now from Boroughs Publishing Group

Izzy Hart just wants to hear three little words, but first she has to tell her best friend Sam that he’s ”the one”, deal with his blonde Amazon of a crush, fix a mistakenly administered love potion and decipher the meaning of one strange, sweet, awfully cuddly cat.

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Grab the Brass Ring Aavailable now from Boroughs Publishing Group

A 1920s carousel horse transports boutique owner Jenna into a delicious sensual fantasy that lifts her struggling business and wounded spirits. Until the horse's rightful owner shows up to demand his property.

Jenna wasn’t looking for a Disney-hero-with-a-rogue side, but now that Marcus has entered her life, he’s determined to stay there. At least until he secures return of his carousel horse.

She can’t let go. He can’t give up. All they can do now…is hold on for the ride of a lifetime.

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